Kill the queen

Buying the stars (s1)


Wolfcroft, Ashar, and Jeannette traveled back to the zombie infested city of Arampaima to retrieve a large treasure from the Wolf’s vaults in the catacombs beneath the city. They did this to fund the building of Starlight.

(this next bit is fuzzy because I didn’t dm it)
the players managed to get to Arampaima but were attacked by some zombies. Wolf’s sense of honor drove him to save what he believed to be an orphaned baby but was a zombie instead. The party was ambushed by a troop of zombies lead by a vampire eladrin lady. She is plot significant but I’m not sure what she told the players because I wasn’t their. They killed her and then…

(this part is were I come in)
They sleep in this courtyard area and when they wake up get ambused by undead again, this time lead by two necromancers under the service of Furby. The use to courtyard’s single entrance as a choke point but then some stuff happens and Ashar flies over the wall. They figure out the zombies come back after they die unless they take radiant damage or something like that. Luckily some random cat gets them to go in this church full of holy water.

Then they go in the sewars on their way to the catacombs and get ambushed by slimy things. Jeannette dies a horrible painful death and so does Someone else. Now with only Ashar and Wolf left they await their next session to continue.



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