Kill the queen

Entering the shadowfell (M1)

Epic DM monologue:

Olivia stand behind the lectern and begins to chant. The lines of the teleportation circle turn black and purple and begin to ripple beneath you. You can feel the shadows draw you in as tendrils of darkness issue forth from the void appearing below your feet. The darkness whips around you like a storm and the pull is great like you are being force through the eye of a needle. The storm is defening and chills you to your bones. As Olivia chants you notice the door open behind her and a clocked figure enters the chamber. The darkness continues to spin and churn around you, its fingers grasping at your very souls. As the pressure suddenly drops and the void opens up to swallow you, you see the dark figure grab Olivia. As he does so his hood falls and you catch a glimpse of Lucan. Welcome to the Shadow Fell my friends.

Before You is a great Iron gate set in a dark grey stone wall. At its peak is iron spikes that end about 50ft above your head. It extends to your left and right for as far as the eye can see. Above you is a great dark cloud humming with sickly green lightning. It’s cold here yet droplets of moisture condense on your skin leaving you feeling slimy. Behind you in the distance you see a small settlement of dilapidated building. Perhaps most ominous of all the the giant castle just past the gates."

What happened:

Mara, Revan Skybourne, and Scour choose to run an important errand for [Olivia] in order to help Maldaba. They are told that it will be necessary to retrieve a perfect being from the crypts of Letherna. Olivia has reason to believe a new one was recently created and that it would be easy enough to retrieve. The group agrees and Olivia teleports them into the Shadow Fell, but before the portal closed, they see a supposedly dead Lucan grab Olivia. Unfortunately the portal’s pull is too great and they can not save her. Left without means of returning, they enter Letherna in search of the perfect being.

They are greated by a Sorrowsworn at the door of the Raven Queen’s palace who grudgingly takes them to the steward. The Raven Queen is absent so the players ask him for the perfect being. He tells them to go to the Lake of Sorrow so that they may understand the gravity of the request they made.

Upon arriving, they see several cloaked figures fishing in the lake and hear them speaking infernal. Scour is enraged that they dare defile his patron’s domain and Mara has a grudge against devils, so they fight them. One manages to teleport back to hell by opening a portal with his amulet. Revan sees this and takes another’s amulet before he can escape. They also find a note that seems to detail a transaction of souls ( 100 corrupted for 300 tormented souls ) on one of the bodies.

Towards the end of the battle they are mysteriously watched by crabs with crystal eyes that crawled out of the Lake of Sorrow. Both Revan and Scour put a crab in thier bag.

They return and Revan performs a monologue on the steward explaining how they had seen the lake and learned how the evils of necromancy had tainted the entirety of the shadow fell. He seems convinced that the sacrifice of the perfect being was worth Revan’s and the group’s promise of killing the queen and stopping necromancy. He takes them to the relevant crypt and they descend down a lift. Upon reaching the relevant room, they are ambushed by shadow creatures. Revan’s crab attempts to release Beyherit. Revan skillfully shoves them both in a coffin, hopefully to wait their for ever. They find the perfect being, who strangely looks exactly like Maldaba, except healthier and with more color. Flowers grew on her coffin and little sparkles of light danced their: an extremely odd occurrence in the Shadow Fell. They attempt to leave but the Steward and the lift are gone. Why? They manage to find another way out, but their journey was arduous and without the guildance of Scour’s familiar Natily___, they would have likely died.

When they finally return to the palace looking for a teleport home, the guard at the front door seems surprised to see them and begins to act suspiciously. Mara rips his robe off to reveal the supple sinewy body of a Sorrowsworn and they begin to fight. They run to the thrown room and ask the Steward for help, but he tells them that he is glad they are back so he can kill them. They freak out and attempt to run while Revan Skybourne holds them off. He activates the infernal amulet and opens a portal to hell in the throne room. A huge gnarly horned devil beast thing pushes its way through and yells “HOW DARE YOU BREAK OUR DEAL!!! FIRE AND BRIMSTONE UPON THEE!!!”. Revan runs out and the three of them manage to escape after being chased by the Sorrowsworn. (I love it when they run). They make it outside of the gate to Letherna and the Sorrowsworn do not follow them past its threshold.



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