Kill the queen

Tide Watch (m2)


The morally ambiguous party, haven been driven from the Raven Queen’s castle without explanation, traveled to a town in the distance. They travel to it but have to cross a bridge. A giant fell otyugh tries to eat them but destroys the bridge instead. Revan Skybourne does some weird teleport stuff and somehow ends up under the beast below the water. After Revan nearly drowning, they kill it and dry off. The bridge repair man comes but Revan kills him to please Anabole. They continue to the town.

The sign on the front reads “”/campaign/kill-the-queen/wikis/Tide%20Watch/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Tide Watch" and with an excellent history check, the players realized that this town mysteriously disappeared many years ago, buildings and all. They deduce that it was somehow sucked or teleported into the Shadow Fell. Upon entering this sad decrepit place, they find and inn but are amazed by the local church for some reason. Scour goes to investigate while Revan Skybourne and Content Not Found: mara wait in the inn. He manages to break the lock (guys help me out here. I know the wizard didn’t break the lock) and finds that there are several people fleeing a Flesh Weaver necromancer dude. The people in the church seem to be frozen in time so after some investigating, Scour finds some ruins and stuff on the church bell that look to be magical in a time magic way. At this point the other two players have showed up and are devising ways of killing the necromancer that involve turning off the time stop. I think it involved rope and knives (come on guys help me write this thing). Anyway Scour pulls on the bell rope and the bell rings, turning off the time stop. The necromancer guy dies gloriously and all the random people inside run out. They interrogate some crazy kid who said that the necromancers had been looking for this random guy for some reason. He failed to provide and adequate description but at least the players had something to go on. They also hear some noises coming from a trap door. After deducing the presence of more necromancers below, they heave the heavy stone alter onto the trap door and retire to the inn.

After a surprisingly restful sleep, they away and leave to finish the necromancers off in the church. As they are leaving, they seemly randomly stumble upon the Butcher’s apprentice from the first dungeon under Henry’s landing, who wanted Content Not Found: maldaba to be saved but would rather she die than have someone he didn’t believe could protect her try and save her, who Revan Skybourne pushed into a dark hole. They get in a fight with him that somehow spills outside.They kill him but a Sorrowsworn shows up and then some more stuff happens and they end up resurrecting Johannes and killing the necromancers under the church. What really happened was about 1000 times more amazing but Revan’s player should write it cause it’s his favorite story.

They end by chasing down some necromancers coming from a tower in the distance that is suppose to be their base. They get a teleport key thing that they can use on the portal beneath the church, but instead continue to the tower because they like to mess up the Flesh Weavers’ stuff and get fun loot.



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