Sword that just wants to watch the world burn


“An ancient khopesh intumbed with the soul of a even more ancient demon of great power. It is incribed with demonic script and has a hilt of the finest black dragon hide. In the hilt is inbedded a crystal eye that seems to dance with green flames when angry or in the lust of combat”

*Property: You must sell it your soul to wield it and it can’t leave you.

*Property: absorbs the magical ability of one other blade of comperable size. Can also be powered with “Enchant Magic Item” ritual. This consumes the old blade. takes an hour without combat to fully absorb.

*Teleport: Utilitly, move action, teleport up to speed * 2. (this consumes the daily power of the aborbed, also daily consumes it.)

*Acid touch: free, daily: deal acid damage with sword instead of normal with all attacks using sword for the rest of the encounter. “Anabole begins to sweat putrid acid due to the thrill of combat” (must be pleased)


[these stats have been modified from the original. Please contact dm if you don’t like]
level up +d4
learned a portal ritual +2
innocent soul kill +2 (per encounter)
enraged erathis, god of civilization, (variable bonus)
failed to corrupt anything -1(per day)
disobeyed sword’s orders (varies)

see acid touch

teleport 2 squares after critical with it.


Random teleports at bad times (d20 + lv/3 vs will)
disable absorbed abilities

ANGRY!!!! 0 – lower
Sword attacks player’s will (d20 + lv/3) to dominate for 1 action. consumes 1 healing surge. Back to unsatified.
Can’t use sword’s powers.


ever subsequent level after the requirement for learning a portal ritual (linked portal, planar portalm, true portal) ritual component cost for that ritual is 20% lower until it’s free. (must be satified)


It’s a shame that stone does not burn spontaneously.


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