The quick to cuss rogue necromancer and holder of Maldaba's heart.


This average looking human male has pale flesh and black hair. He might have been handsome once but his extended stay in the Shadow Fell has degraded his looks. He carries a wand and wears plain closes under the traditional dark cloak.


He thinks necromancy ought to be used to help people. He ridicules his former employers, the Flesh Weavers, saying “they have no style, no class”. He has no problem killing people in his way and often fails to take death seriously. He feels the same way about Orcus as he does the Flesh Weavers and if magically teleported into his presence, would flip him off right before being eaten alive or having his flesh rotted off by necrotic energy. He has a sailors mouth and always has a few choice words for those he disproves of. He’s slightly batty from being exposed to the Shadow Fell and has no sense of danger.

For some mysterious reason, he refused to surrender Maldaba’s heart and only said that he needed it to save her. He was slain by Scour, Revan, and Mara, but they resurrected him and he is now helping them.


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