Hazeat Tower

This place of great evil was once used by the empire‘s wizards as part of a great and terrible ritual that effectively killed all of the gnomes of Goodland’s Basin by summoning a cloud, and turning it into anti-fey dust that absorbs Fey energy and more.

Physical description: The tower itself has a triangular base and has three floors, the top measuring at 150 ft off the ground. While the walls are made of jet black stone with the magical property of breaking down the will of non-evil aligned characters, the floors are made of translucent amber coloured crystal. The corners of the tower have balconies at regular intervals going up, which are linked by various bridges and ladders. They make up for the vast distance between the floors.

Floor 1) The first floor is 50ft above the ground on the outside of the tower. On the inside of the tower, a great abyss with no discernible bottom reaches downward into nothingness. The rock below bears many scorch marks. Hanging from an array of ropes from the first floor is the charred skeleton of an elder dragon. A large winch on a platform at 30ft holds the dragon up via pulleys. The first floor itself, is mostly empty, save for a few runes carved into the surface of the flour. From the second floor hangs thousands of tiny gems which are common spell components. They are all used up and worthless at this point. They appear to be arrange is extremely intricate 3d patterns.

Floor 2) The second floor merely serves as a platform from which to hang the gems and is accordingly empty.

Floor 3) The third floor is the roof, upon which the runes for the aforementioned ritual are mostly placed. By a careful study of these runes, an expert in arcana can deduce the nature of the ritual.

History: 400 years before the start of the campaign, The tower was a forward base of the empire in the war against the gnomes. A group of wizards including the princess who is now queen of the empire, Falcar who is now a lich and the head of the Flesh Weavers, and Scour who in those days was known as ______. They, under the orders of the current emperor, committed the swiftest act of genocide ever conceived. When investigating the Flesh Weavers, the players went to the tower and fought their way in, breaking through numerous traps and wards. They uncovered the history of the tower and Scour regained some of his memories, but not before meeting Falcar who used them to get into the tower for an unknown purpose. At some point, the players came upon a vat of dried necrotic algae.

Magical properties:

  • Entrance Gate
  • Maligned Stone of Will

Hazeat Tower

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