Allinement: neutral

The Sorrowsworn are servants of the Raven Queen, angels of death, and reapers of souls. They journey to the material plane and collect the souls of the dead that are unclaimed by other Gods. After harvesting the souls, they bring them to the crypts of Letherna were the souls rest for eternity. When they are slain, they vanish into wisps of black smoke only to be reborn in Letherna some time after.

Typical character: The Sorrowsworn are aloof to mortals but have a near infinite capacity for patience.

Physical description: The Sorrowsworn are human in appearance. They are always bald and have tough grey flesh. They tend to be muscular but thin and are very tall (7-8ft). They have wings like a raven and can turn their hands and feet into talons if they choose. They tend to only wear thin black robes loosely about them, but have been know to dawn armour when not attending to mundane chores.

Magical properties: The feathers of the Sorrowsworn are highly prized by mortal devotees of the Raven Queen and are often awarded to especially pious worshipers. It is said that when used as a quill, it is possible to write to the dead. This idea is questionable though, because the Raven Queen dislikes mortals disturbing the dead.


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